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A limited edition art print of an original illustration by Ivan Monsalve.
Professionally printed locally, using archival inks on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton rag 308gsm fine art paper (Sydney, Australia).

My father is Chilean and my mother is of Russian decent.  They met in Chile and formed a relationship. My mother's family migrated to Australia and my father soon followed. 
In 2010 my wife and I travelled from Australia for a 6 week holiday to South America.  It would be the first time we met an enormous chunk of my family I had previously never met and we would get to see and experience one of the most amazing continents on this planet. 
The first night we arrived we were staying with an aunt in a port of a city called Valparaiso.  At 4am we awoke to a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake with intense shaking lasting about 3minutes. 
It is hard to convey the surreal feeling of that experience I know my wife suffered from the trauma, not knowing any Spanish and the feeling the world ending.  Fortunately no one from our family were hurt, but unfortunately it caused the death of 525 individuals. 
This piece us about mother earth or what the Peruvians call Pachamama. Humankind can think of themselves as the ultimate but this planet is the ultimate that we can learn from anyway. In this piece Pachamama (dressed as a Babushka from my mothers heritage) is standing in front of the fabric of time and space showing  you the answers to life we are still to learn. 

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